Criminal law and offenses

The Law Office provides legal services in all areas of criminal law and supreme protection of the rights of the defendant. Our services consist in representing perpetrators of criminal acts, quality defense, and representation of damaged persons from a committed criminal act, organized criminal offenses, crimes of the field of traffic and other. At the same time we provide quality defense in the misdemeanor procedures - traffic violations, offenses in the field of public order and peace and customs offenses.

Civil rights

The law office offers legal services in the field of civil law and property. The property relations and rights as an important segment of the modern life are especially successfully regulated by quality contracts - Sale and purchase agreement, lease agreement, Contract for allocation of property during a lifetime, Contract exchange, pre-contractual agreements ... which in any case eliminate all possible disagreements that might arise between the parties, in case of a poor and unprofessional contract. The law office has extensive experience in this field, which is enough to say 26 years of work.

Labor law - labor relations

Mihajlovski's law office has achieved great success in the legal services in the field of labor relations, both for clients from the Republic of Macedonia and for foreigners. For citizens of the Republic of Macedonia the services consist in representation in the courts - disciplinary procedures, status disputes, benefits from termination of employment, as well as taking administrative actions - reporting, checking out employees, etc. Particularly quality services are given to foreigners in connection with employment relations - obtaining work permits and employment of foreigners. Regarding these disputes, we offer legal advice to the parties in order to familiarize the parties with the legal regulations and the success of the outcome of the proceedings.

Family law and hereditary right

The law office offers services to clients in disputes from family law-divorce, division of property, establishment of paternity and legal advice in these procedures, as well as the preparation of lawsuits in them. In the area of inheritance law, the Law Office acquires the necessary documents and conducts the procedure for the inheritance before the competent authorities and at the same time compiles the types of agreements in this field.

Obligatory right

Mihajlovski's law office offers quality services in terms of obligatory law, advice on making contractual obligations and expression of the will of two people to be made within the provisions stipulated by the law, thus preventing any abuses. All types of contracts are they prepare quality and professional in this office, during its three decades of operation, and many satisfied customers are friends of the same.

Registration of companies-commercial law

The Law Office Mihajlovski has a License for Registration Agent for several years and these activities are implemented in the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia.

Administrative right

We have a particularly successful activity in the field of administrative law - all disputes in the field of taxes, customs and denationalization are our daily activity.

Mediation on sale abroad

We are especially focused on services and mediation in the purchase of real estate in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Greece.

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